Western Cape

Q CAR HIRE : Offering quality vehicles to guests to the Western Cape

Cape Town is lovingly regarded as the “Mother City” by its inhabitants. It is the eldest metro in South Africa and has a cultural heritage spanning something greater than 300 years. The Western Cape is flanked by the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape. Its southern and western coasts meet the Indian and Atlantic oceans respectively. Investigate the territory in a Cape Town hired car

Cape Town car hire: See the sights of Cape Town

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, cape town boasts both a tourism and business haven. With Q Car Hire you can experience the best of both worlds, drive around in your rental car and experience the beauty that is the mother city

Don’t miss out on some of the most marvelous sights on the planet. Peruse our Top 10 outings to take in the Western Cape.

Stellenbosch car hire: Go  wine-tasting  in the Cape Winelands

Pick up a vehicle from a Stellenbosch branch and embrace a grand scenic drive through the Cape Winelands. A large portion of the wine farms in the area provide exquisite wine-tasting sessions where you are able to specimen some of the most fine wines in the world. Ensure you have a designated driver!

George car rental

George is located in the east of the Western Cape and is an ideal beginning point for a visit to the province. Arrive at George Airport and pick up your car rental vehicle before taking off on your trip through the Western Cape. The town has a couple of branches: George Airport car hire and downtown George car hire.

Uncover the tip of Africa with Q CAR HIRE 

Q CAR HIRE offers convenient car hire in the Western Cape, as well as in the rest of South Africa. Pick from our far reaching armada of reliable Western Cape rental vehicles.

First Car Rental branches in the Western Cape

First Car Rental George Airport Branch
First Car Rental George downtown Branch
First Car Rental Cape Town International Branch
First Car Rental Cape Town City
First Car Rental Rondebosch
First Car Rental Stellenbosch
First Car Rental Bellville





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